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Daily Mirror GE2017 poll

Despite broad support for the policies in Labour’s leaked General Election manifesto, the Party lags on key issues such as immigration, the economy and leadership.

  • 56% of British adults say that Jeremy Corbyn would be a ‘disaster as Prime Minister’.
  • British adults are generally more likely to support than oppose the individual policies proposed in the Labour Party’s draft manifesto that was leaked last night.
  • Nevertheless, there are some divisions on certain policies proposed in the Labour draft manifesto. For example, British adults are more likely to oppose than support the proposal to scrap the Conservative Party’s commitment to reduce net migration to the UK to below 100,000 (49% oppose v 32% support, with 19% saying don’t know).


Score (10 = very right wing and 0 = very left wing)

Donald Trump


Nigel Farage


The Conservative Party


Theresa May




Your own political views


Tim Farron


Liberal Democrat Party


Scottish National Party (SNP)


Green Party


The Labour Party


Jeremy Corbyn



  • Among the Prime Ministerial candidates, Theresa May is highly likely to be seen as being right-wing by the public, with an average score of 7.26 out of 10 (where 10 is very right-wing).
  • Conversely, Jeremy Corbyn is the most likely to be seen as being left-wing (2.23 out of 10).
  • By party, the Conservatives are as likely to be seen as being right-wing as Labour are left-wing (7.33 v 3.03).
  • Jeremy Corbyn is a bigger deterrent to voters than Theresa May. When asked, 26% of the public said that like the Labour Party but not Jeremy Corby, whereas only 5% say they like the Conservative Party but not Theresa May.
  • 41% of the electorate is still up for grabs, with 13% of adults saying they have no idea yet who they will vote for and 28% saying they have a ‘fairly clear’ idea of who they will vote for, but may still change their minds.
  • British adults are twice as likely to say that the Conservatives are running the best General Election campaign so far as they are Labour (42% v 20%).
  • Although the Labour Party is seen as more likely to improve the NHS if they were in Government after the General Election than the Conservatives (49% v 27%), on almost all other policy areas tested the Conservatives are seen more positively. For example, when it comes to keeping Britain well defended against outside threats, 58% of adults that the Conservatives would be most likely to do so in Government. This is three times the proportion who say Labour (18%), who rank behind the proportion of adults saying they don’t know (24%).

Date Published: 11th May 2017

Categories: Elections | GE2017 | Issues | Politics

Client: Daily Mirror


ComRes interviewed 1,021 adults online on the 11th May 2017. Data were weighted to be demographically
representative of all GB adults by region, gender, age and social grade. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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