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Daily Mail Monarchy Poll

Poll of 2,000 Britons on their attitudes towards the monarchy and the Royal Family.

Young Royals are most popular as poll shows majority support for Monarchy

Princes Harry and William are the most popular members of the Royal Family according to a new ComRes poll for the Daily Mail. The Princes are both liked by eight in ten Britons (79%), with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge on 78%. The Queen trails her grandsons by just two points with 77% of Britons saying they like her.

Just a third (34%) say they like Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, with 38% saying they dislike her and 29% saying they don’t know. Camilla and Prince Andrew are the most disliked members of the Royal Family (of those tested in the survey).

There is a very obvious age difference with young Britons (aged 18-24) being significantly more likely to say they like the young Royals than the Queen. Around three quarters of 18-24 year olds say they like Prince William (74%), Prince Harry (72%) and the Duchess of Cambridge (76%), while two thirds (66%) like the Queen.

The poll also shows that the British public are still very attached to the Monarchy, with seven in ten (70%) Britons thinking Britain should remain a monarchy while more than half (56%) think the country would be worse off if the Monarchy was abolished. This is particularly the case among older Britons 84% of whom favour a monarchy and around three quarters (72%) think Britain would be worse off without it.

The future of the monarchy is less clear as the British public is split on whether Prince Charles should make way for Prince William as the next monarch or not. Around as many Britons say Prince Charles should give up his right to be the next monarch (40%) as say he should not (43%).

However, a majority of Britons (55%) say that Camilla Parker Bowles should not become Queen when Prince Charles becomes King.

Most Britons (55%) think Princess Diana would have made the better Queen, compared to just 16% than think Camilla would have. Again there is an age difference with young Britons (aged 18-24) significantly favouring Princess Diana over Camilla (67% to 3%) while those aged 65+ are more divided (39% favouring Princess Diana and 31% for Camilla).

Date Published: 10th April 2015

Categories: Public and communities | Social | UK

Client: Daily Mail


ComRes interviewed 2,020 British adults online between 8th – 9th April 2015. Data were weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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