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BBC Sunday Politics UKIP Councillors Poll

Poll of 111 UKIP Councillors for BBC One’s Sunday Politics

The most popular Election outcome among UKIP councillors is to support the Conservatives in a confidence and supply agreement (44%) according to a survey for BBC1’s Sunday Politics by ComRes.

When UKIP councillors were asked what their preferred outcome would be in the event of a hung parliament, 16% said to join a Conservative led coalition government and 44% said support the Conservatives in a confidence and supply agreement.  No UKIP councillors would prefer to join a Labour lead coalition, and only 2% would prefer UKIP to support Labour in a confidence and supply agreement. 32% would rather see UKIP out of power than join a coalition or support any other party.

  • Seven in ten (69%) UKIP councillors would prefer David Cameron as Prime Minister following the May General Election.
  • Only 6% say they would prefer Ed Miliband.
  • Six in ten (59%) UKIP councillors believe Nigel Farage should be given a position in Cabinet in the event of a hung parliament.
  • Paul Nuttall is the most popular choice as the next leader of UKIP among the party’s councillors (31%).
  • Suzanne Evans (23%) and Douglas Carswell (20%) are the next most popular choices to become leader if Nigel Farage decides to step down.

Date Published: 21 March 2015

Categories: GE2015 | Policy Makers | Politics



ComRes interviewed 111 UKIP Councillors online between 27th February and 20th March 2015. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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