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BBC Radio 5Live 100 Women Poll

A survey of British adults about their priorities in life and gender inequality.

–      Women (26%) are more likely than men (17%) top say that having a family is their top priority in life

–      While two thirds of men who are working (64%) agree that they are paid fairly for the work that they do, just half (52%) of women say the same.

–      Men and women are equally likely (15% vs 16%) to agree that they have been unfairly treated at work because of their gender

–      Men are more likely than women to agree that they feel confident in applying for promotions at work (68% vs 56%) or asking for a pay rise (51% vs 32%).

–      Women are also more likely than men to agree that they describe themselves as a feminist (39% vs 26%)

Date Published: 22.11.2016

Categories: GB | Media | Public and communities | Social

Client: BBC Radio 5 Live


ComRes interviewed 2,038 GB adults online between the 9th-10th November 2016. Data were weighted to be nationally representative of all Great British adults aged 18+ by age, gender, region and socio-economic grade.

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