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Daily Mirror Brexit Poll November 2016

Poll for Daily Mirror on Brexit, Nigel Farage and the economy


  • A large majority of referendum voters would vote in the same way that they voted in June. 95% of Remain voters report that they would still vote Remain if there was a referendum tomorrow, and similarly 92% of Leave voters would again vote to Leave. There appears to be little sign of any ‘Bregret’ vote, with just 3% of Leave voters saying they would now vote Remain- a similar proportion to the number of Remain voters who would now vote Leave (4%).

Q. If there was referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU tomorrow, how would you vote on the following question? “Should the UK remain a member of the European Union, or leave the European Union?”

  All Britons Voted Remain in June Voted Leave in June
Remain 46% 95% 3%
Leave 47% 4% 92%
Don’t know 6% 2% 5%

Base: GB adults (n=2035).


  • Two in five British adults (43%) say they think the UK economy will get worse in the next 12 months, and a similar figure (39%) say the same for the global economy.
  • When it comes to their own financial situation, twice as many Britons think it will get worse (27%) as better (14%) over the next 12 months.

Q. Do you think each of the following will get better or worse in the next 12 months, or will it stay about the same?

 Statement Better Worse About the same Don’t know
Your own personal financial situation 14% 27% 52% 7%
The UK economy 17% 43% 31% 8%
The global economy 9% 39% 40% 13%

Base: GB adults (n=2035)

Global politics

  • Two thirds of British adults (66%) state that Vladimir Putin has made the world generally less safe as president of Russia, and a similar number (63%) say the same for Trump winning the US presidential election.
  • A third of British adults (35%) say they think Britain voting to leave the EU has made the world generally less safe, although the same proportion say it’s made no impact (35%).
  • Of the options tested, the Iraq War is the most likely to be considered to have made the world less safe with three quarters of British adults (74%) saying this.

Q. Do you think each of the following have generally made the world more safe, less safe, or have they had no impact?

 Statement More safe Less safe No impact Don’t know
Barack Obama as President of the USA 45% 13% 29% 12%
NATO 43% 10% 25% 22%
The United Nations 42% 11% 29% 18%
The European Union 30% 25% 30% 15%
Britain voting to leave the EU 19% 35% 35% 11%
Donald Trump winning the Presidential Election in the USA 8% 63% 14% 14%
Vladimir Putin as President of Russia 6% 66% 13% 15%
The Iraq War 3% 74% 11% 12%

Base: GB adults (n=2035)


  • A higher proportion of Britons agree that Nigel Farage should be appointed a Lord (14%), than David Cameron (11%) or Tony Blair (9%).
  • Of the people tested, Jessica Ennis-Hill is thought most deserving of an honour with two in five British adults (42%) agreeing this.
  • More Britons say that Andy Murray and David Beckham should not receive knighthoods than say they should.

Q. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

 Statement Agree Disagree Don’t know
Jessica Ennis-Hill should receive a damehood, to become a Dame 42% 37% 21%
Andy Murray should receive a knighthood, to become a Sir 40% 45% 15%
David Beckham should receive a knighthood, to become a Sir 30% 55% 15%
Nigel Farage should be appointed a Lord 14% 76% 10%
David Cameron should be appointed a Lord 11% 79% 10%
Tony Blair should be appointed a Lord 9% 81% 9%

Base: GB adults (n=2035).



Date Published: 30th November 2016

Categories: GB | Politics | Public and communities

Client: Daily Mirror


ComRes interviewed 2,035 GB adults online between 25th and 27th November 2016. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Full tables on the ComRes website.

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