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The power of personalisation

Reimagining personal data for the Internet age

Discover how our research with the BBC has initiated a fresh approach to managing personal data, giving users back the power. Watch the presentation in full here...

Josephine Hansom Managing Director, Youth 12/01/2023

A case study with the BBC – watch for free on demand

We first presented this case study at our Youth Practice launch event in London last November where we were joined by Eleni Sharp, Head of Product in the BBC’s R&D division. If you were unable to join us at this event then we have great news, because we’re giving you another chance to watch the presentation in full, on demand.

This session covers how the BBC are reimaging personalisation, launching a fresh concept that brings together users’ personal data from different sources. It gives you the opportunity to access and manage all your data in one place!

The concept can align your Netflix data with your BBC data to give you the best TV recommendations, for example, or bring your health data in Strava together with your dental records. It’s a highly innovative and holistic approach to personalisation.

Fundamentally the app is designed to shine a light on the information you’ve shared and allow you to take greater control of it.

So, what did the research tell us? How did people respond to the concept? And what challenges did we face?

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