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Santa Fe Relocation

Global mobility survey

Santa Fe was in a prime position to fill the knowledge gap.

Santa Fe Relocation helps international companies move their employees from one country to another.

They’re experts in a range of services: immigration advice, consultancy on appropriate local remuneration packages, even physically arranging an employee’s move.

Listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, Santa Fe Relocation employs 2,500 people, across 96 offices and counts half of the Fortune Global 100 as clients.

The Challenge

Their brief could not have been clearer or more succinct: “Equip us with the tools we need to become the undisputed voice of authority in our sector.”

Our approach

A comprehensive competitor audit identified a general lack of understanding in global workforce mobility trends and very little information exchange within the industry itself. With globalisation increasing the demand for relocation services in new industries and countries, Santa Fe was in a prime position to fill the knowledge gap.

To achieve this, Savanta surveyed 1,119 respondents from 56 countries to create the Global Mobility Survey Report – the most authoritative source of information on the subject.

Santa Fe educated its staff about the Global Mobility Survey so that they could field any questions from clients, before carrying out a phased release. The report was also made available in a number of useful formats:

• A core report with an in-depth exploration of the data
• An executive summary, infographics and social posts of highlights
• An interactive benchmarking tool and dedicated microsite, which generates bespoke analyses by industry sector or country
• A series of roundtables and public speaking activities

The outcome

The report has firmly positioned Santa Fe as the go-to source of information on its industry and resulted in consultations with more than 1,000 existing and prospective clients.

Santa Fe is now developing several new products as a direct result of findings in the report, including a training offer that focuses on the challenges facing customers in emerging markets.

Santa Fe has also been invited to share findings with leading institutions such as Cranfield University, IMD Lausanne and Oxford University – a sure sign their authority in the sector is recognised.

The Global Mobility Survey report is a welcome addition to our understanding of this subject, not least because it is based on a large sample and with impressive sectoral and geographic coverage.”

Peter Reilly, Institute of Employment Studies

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