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International Payment landscape

Online survey with Consumers and SMEs in 8 markets

Understanding international payment patterns.

The Challenge

The client wanted to better understand international payment patterns (volume, value, corridors) and drivers of provider choice, with emphasis on digital, among consumer and SME audiences in 8 markets (US, UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, China, Australia).

The insight gained from the research would be used, not only to shape the client’s brand strategy but cement its status as thought leaders in the industry. Positioning themselves as such would empower our client to approach prospective clients with unwavering confidence.

Our approach

We conducted a large-scale quantitative survey, engaging 6,400 respondents globally, 4,000 Consumers and 2,400 SMEs.

To guarantee success, it was crucial to partner with esteemed sample providers. We implemented rigorous quality control measures to ensure we engaged with high-quality participants.

A pilot phase in one market provided an opportunity to fine-tune the methodology and ensure insights were fit for purpose before rolling out the programme globally.

A MaxDiff exercise was fundamental to define the hierarchy of drivers and challenge stakeholders’ beliefs.

Weekly client meetings and regular email comms ensured a good working partnership throughout the life of the project.

The outcome

The project was successful in many ways:

It provided credible insights, which allowed the client to obtain impartial insights and an unbiased perspective to facilitate internal and external conversations.

The team’s challenges were well received, as the results from the survey validated but also disproved hypotheses, shifting stakeholder opinion in a different direction, and enabling them to make informed, better decisions.

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