on-demand insight into the luxury market

Our vigorous approach, guidance and planning ensured we met all project milestones and delivered high quality data

GroupM is the world's leading media investment company.

By harnessing the benefits of scale, the company innovates, differentiates and delivers long-term value for its clients across the world.

GroupM’s mission is to shape the next era of media where advertising works better for people.

The Challenge

GroupM wanted to create a new planning tool to be used by group planners and strategists to provide insight into the luxury market and needed a partner to collect the data that would fuel it.

The affluent audience GroupM wanted to reach were required to meet a specific criterion including being part of the top 10% household income group and matching a set of luxury spending habits in terms of product category and value.

The scope of the project initially included 30+ markets but after much discussion stakeholders whittled this down to 17 global markets that were of most importance.

Our approach

Savanta collaborated with GroupM to complete the survey design, satisfying the needs of both central and local teams.

We reviewed the survey and made recommendations to refine it with input from our specialist Wealth team. Once the survey was finalised, we utilised our proprietary scripting software to complete the set-up, creating an adaptable online version which we were able to localise for each of the selected markets.

Out dedicated Operations team managed the fieldwork process from start to finish, mapping out the project plan and identifying the most appropriate online network partners to source the participants for the survey.

The outcome

The synthesis of our operational excellence and expertise in reaching High-Net-Worth audiences meant that we were the ideal partner for Group M when creating their new LIVE Panel Luxury planning tool. Our vigorous approach, guidance and planning ensured we met all project milestones and delivered high quality data that could be easily integrated into the platform.

GroupM launched Live Panel Luxury in 2021, providing planning and strategy teams globally with on-demand luxury market data across seventeen key territories, helping to inform and aid the execution of media amongst High-Net-Worth audiences.

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