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Advanced programming

Complete research design to capture quality data.

Research projects are like human beings – they come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t believe in “one size fits all”. Our advanced online data collection can be customised to suit your research project needs. Consider it made-to-measure.

Our Approach

Complex aims? No problem! From custom builds to seamless integrations, our experience of delivering complex respondent-focused tools make us ideally suited to guide you through the process.

Rome may not have been built in a day, but our construction is pretty speedy! Our architects use advanced programming to build a solution that achieves even the most complicated goals. With no boundaries to our system capabilities, we put the research first. Which leaves you to relax. When in Rome!

  • How it works

Smart survey design and scripting technology to power your decision making with quality data. Our set-up process ensures your data collection and analysis delivers:

Reflect your corporate brand identity. Deliver deeper, more engaging experiences for your respondents. Control the look and feel of your survey with our wealth of smart tool integrations. Our in-house market research survey scripting platform delivers your exact specifications cost-effectively.

Our round the clock support, will help you to get the most out of your project, increasing the response rate and minimising drop-out.

Flexibility is vital for better decision making. We can script across third-party platforms and handle any translation needs, ensuring your project runs smoothly whatever the technical requirements.

Research Benefits

Data tailored to insight objectives

Mobile-driven online experiences with a look and feel that truly represents your company brand. Build in a huge range of smart tools to get you what you need – first time, every time.

Audience access research services

Unrivalled cost, speed and ease of access to your target market through a single point of contact with our sample solutions. Reaching over 100m consumers and business decision-makers in over 95 countries, you are connected to a truly global audience.

Data visualisation and analytics tools

From fully bespoke visualisations to complex statistical analysis – fresh insights and the best new opportunities are revealed through our data visualisation and analytics tools.

Research Methods

Creative development & testing

Campaign evaluation

Content testing

Digital Ad Performance (DAP)

Media strategy

Message & campaign development

“The biometric research allowed us to go beyond scene-by-scene engagement to truly uncover key differences in relevancy and effectiveness of the two films to measure emotional connection and deeper engagement. We were delighted to be a partner in this UK “first” in advertising research.”

Volvo Georgina Williams, Head of Marketing

“Savanta were a joy to work with on an important evaluation project for one of our sponsorship properties. Through a clear and compelling debrief, they demonstrated how the partnership was working to drive improvements in brand perceptions. Most importantly, they were able to separate this impact from an above-the-line campaign which was running at the same time. This use of campaign optimiser (to understand the contribution of the different media channels) was a real eye-opener for us. Now we had evidence on how these creative campaigns - aimed at hard-to-reach audiences - were working (and working well). This has ensured the debrief has a life beyond the original partnership. The team worked hard to suggest recommendations for how we improve the partnership for next year – and some of these ideas are already being worked on. Overall, it was a great piece of work, which has had real impact in the business – thank you.”

EE Dan Hayes
Featured Report
How can telecom providers inspire brand loyalty in future generations?
Discover how researching the preferences of upcoming generations, like Gen Alpha, can help position your brand to appeal to these demographics.
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Global Gaming Report 2023
Our latest study is informed by the opinions of 12,000+ adults across seven core markets: Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK and USA.

Discover the trends and opportunities in the gaming industry today, with our brand-new Gaming Report.
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Research with vulnerable audiences
Download our vulnerability proposition and discover our best practice advice on how to conduct research with this audience.
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How loyalty programmes will skyrocket your brand's success
As the cost-of-living crisis continues to impact consumer spending ability, customers are cutting back on spending and changing their shopping behaviour. In response to these changes in behaviour, brands and retailers are seeking new ways to retain their customer base. One effective approach is the implementation of loyalty programmes.
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For greens sake blog image
For 'greens' sake
As the cost of living looms, most consumers have taken a step back from focusing on green products with the perception they are likely to cost more. Are financial institutions hitting the snooze button on green messaging and products?
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The financial services chatbot user experience
In the second quarter of 2023, Savanta asked over 2000 businesses, from start-ups to established businesses, to gather more insights on their recent usage of chatbots in financial services. Within our new report, we reveal the latest data from MarketVue Business Banking to uncover what business customers really think of chatbots. The full report is available for free download below.
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Results Day 2023: Clearing comms round-up
Data from UCAS reveals that following a decline in A-level results, a significant 10,400 school leavers swiftly turned to Clearing. During this busy period, it is crucial that university marketing communications effectively promote course vacancies and sell their brand to prospective students. Savanta's report offers valuable insights on Clearing communication strategies, analysing approaches implemented both last and this year, and providing recommendations for the upcoming recruitment cycle.
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Financial services - corporate reputation
Corporate reputation in Northern Ireland: have banks recovered from the sins of their past?
Since the global financial crisis of 2008 banks have taken steps to restore trust and improve their corporate reputation. Within our new report we reveal the latest data from MarketVue Business Banking to uncover how business perceptions in Northern Ireland differ from GB.
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Cleared for takeoff: research for the aviation sector
The environment in which airports operate has changed markedly in recent years, with COVID-19 presenting an enormous crisis for the aviation industry. As recovery continues, aviation organisations are looking ahead to their long-term strategy, and airports in particular face a diverse and challenging range of issues. To help you navigate these complexities, Savanta’s ‘Cleared for takeoff’ document outlines how we can support organisations in the sector.’ - Download in full today.
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Understanding bias, discrimination, and its impact on society
Welcome to our 2023 DE&I report, a look into the lived experiences, an evolution of our commitment to raising awareness and sharing insights.
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Global Gaming Report 2023

27/09/2023 - by Dr Nick Baker
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Research with vulnerable audiences

25/09/2023 - by Georgia Avukatu
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How loyalty programmes will skyrocket your brand's success

20/09/2023 - by Emily Elias
For greens sake blog image
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For 'greens' sake

08/09/2023 - by Kate Namukasa

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