August 5, 2021

Which brands are the UK’s most loved?

A study of consumer passions and brand devotion

Roger Perowne, CEO
Loved brands were brave in their approach, made us laugh when the world appeared too serious, excited us when the days felt mundane, and galvanised us to do better… be better.”

Introducing Savanta's Most Loved Brands report – a recognition and celebration of the most emotively connected brands in 2021.

We've canvassed more than 150,000 UK adults, asking them about more than 2,000 brands. We've used the results to bring together a list of the top 100 brands they love, with the winners across key industries

The calm within a crisis can often be a place that provokes real change. For many, the pandemic has been a chance to step back, reassess what’s important and prioritise the things that only add real value to our everyday lives. For brands, it’s been a moment in time when they’ve discovered what regard the nation holds them in – whether they’re merely tolerated, liked… or loved.

Looking at our list of the top 100 of the most loved brands in the UK, it’s apparent that in the midst of the crisis, loved brands provided emotional reassurance, nostalgia, togetherness when we were apart, distraction from the realities of the pandemic and the promise of a better post-COVID world.

They were brave in their approach, made us laugh when the world appeared too serious, excited us when the days felt mundane and
galvanised us to do better… be better

Those that stir deep-rooted emotional connections have been more able to command loyalty, advocacy and unashamedly, sales.

As we tracked brand engagement through our BrandVue platform, it’s clear that as in life, the rules of love are complex and at times, unaccountable. But there, the similarities between human and brand love end: brand love is rarely altruistic, it’s rational, often transactional, and very much about the benefits.

Across categories and age groups, key trends from our data emerged, which are vital for all brands looking to drive deeper, more meaningful relationships with consumers. As you’ll see in the report, a deeper dive into the UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Brands 2021 showed that even through crisis, brand love endured.

Download the report to discover the Top 100 Most Loved Brands of 2021 here.


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