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Customer relationships

Understand and improve customers end-to-end relationship with your brand. Identify new ways to connect emotionally with customers though building Closeness, which is proven to better impact revenue growth. Build long term loyalty.

Our approach

Our approach helps brands make different decisions to focus on areas with maximum impact on business outcomes.

We’ll help you build an insight led CX strategy that does more than cut churn, but actually builds profitable customer relationships, drive revenue growth and increase market share.

What drives loyal behaviour in your sector? We’ll show you.


Upgrade your existing relationship study

Wanting more business changing insight from your current relationship survey? Integrate our CX Framework to go above and beyond KPI reporting. Turn your relationship survey from a KPI heavy, NPS focused, problem solving project to a strategic relationship opportunity to increase long term loyalty and revenue.


Identify drivers of Attitudinal Loyalty

If Loyalty better predicts revenue per customer, then diagnose how to build Loyalty. By incorporating the 5 Building Blocks of Loyalty, our framework shows brands the opportunities with biggest impact to prioritise o building engaging, profitable relationships with customers.


Create a strategic loyalty plan

Discuss and action plan with stakeholder workshops. Drive engagement with linkage to business outcomes. Demonstrate the commercial promise of building Attitudinal Loyalty and better customer relationships.


Segment your Customers through Loyalty and Relationship

Use our powerful Degrees of Loyalty segmentation to segment your customers through attitudinal loyalty and past switching behaviour, to identify new initiatives and tactics to target customers, build relationships and reduce churn.


Business outcome focused

Use your customer relationship research to diagnose new opportunities to grow revenue per customer growth. Identify the functional and emotional levers to build loyalty.

Engaged Stakeholders

Through the focus on business outcomes, engage Stakeholders with the commercial promise. Move from KPI reporting to take different actions to build engagement with customers, drive advocacy and revenue growth.

Connecting attitudes with behaviours

Build a strategic Loyalty plan through connecting customer attitudes with behaviours. Join the dots on your customer relationship research to prioritise actions with the biggest impact on future customer behaviour.

Research methods

Customer experience

Customer experience

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping

Loyalty & development

Loyalty & development

Touchpoint tracking

Touchpoint tracking

Case studies

Customer journey mappingBuilding lifelong loyalty

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ATPIGauging customer perceptions

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REXELSparking a new buying process

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