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Boost brand health and customer loyalty with BrandVue Financial Services

Comprising 72,000 interviews every year, BrandVue Financial Services is a daily tracking survey of customers at the UK’s top 220 financial services brands.

Covering retail banking, loans, credit cards, insurance, mortgages, investments and FX, the BrandVue dashboard gives you clarity on exactly what drives brand performance in the marketplace and how to improve it.

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FS brands covered

You benefit from:

Market intelligence

Product usage, penetration growth, channel trends, use of aggregators, and consumer trends

Audience understanding

Demographics, household, employment, sector behaviour, interests, media, online/social, and advertising

Brand performance

Awareness, familiarity, advantage, brand status, affinity/love, open image associations, and stated image associations

Marketing performance

Positive buzz, negative buzz, advertising awareness, and spontaneous awareness

Customer acquisition

Adoption pyramid, consideration, preference, rejection, image drivers, and product awareness

Customer retention

Penetration (LM), penetration (L12M), frequency, NPS, in-store satisfaction, online satisfaction, and experience area performance

How it works

Financial Services


Highly reliable data

With 72,000 interviews every year, daily quotas are set to ensure nationally-representative samples, and provide weekly coverage of large and niche brands.


Detailed insights

The 15-minute questionnaire is accessible to respondents on all digital devices and has a built-in facility to include ad hoc ‘trigger’ questions.


User friendly dashboard

The BrandVue online dashboard compiles all survey data in real-time to deliver accurate, up-to-date information in an easy-to-use format.


Bespoke reporting

The BrandVue dashboard can be customised to your needs, including key demographic group focus, non-competitor brand exclusion, peer spotlighting, and bespoke break inclusion.

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