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MarketVue Business Banking

Any organisation operating in the financial services sector needs to clearly understand the behaviours, perceptions and experiences of business banking customers. MarketVue Business Banking offers comprehensive, reliable insight, supported by years of historical data. It’s a truly essential management and monitoring tool trusted by major financial institutions.

Our approach

In the financial services industry, it’s all about trust. Delivering on your brand promise with a seamless customer experience is essential.

Based on a continuous survey of 15,000 financial decision makers in UK businesses and over 10 years of historical data, MarketVue Business Banking is a highly reliable and detailed monitor of how banks are perceived by business customers.

Respondents are independently recruited using commercially available contact lists from providers such as Experian and Dun and Bradstreet. The questionnaire covers a wide range of topics, with particular focus on overall and channel satisfaction, and includes KPI questions, such as NPS. Brand image, product holding and switching behaviour is also covered. It’s no wonder our survey is recognised as providing the definitive measure of business banking market share.

Subscribe and every quarter we’ll send you a range of customisable deliverables to help your business improve customer satisfaction and brand health.



Telephone interviews are conducted with business decision makers and/or key contacts who manage the business banking relationship – from start-ups through to companies with £1bn turnover. Interviewing is continuous throughout the year with quarterly reporting based on year ending datasets.


Data analysis

Data is analysed by main business bank brand, providing a detailed view of each brand’s performance versus the competitive set. It can also be analysed by specific turnover bands and regions.


Visualise findings

A wide range of tailored outputs are available. These include executive summary reports, chart packs, dashboards, key driver analysis, cross-tabulations or even raw data files.
We use a multi-client, subscription approach.

MVBB benefits

Highly reliable data set

Over 15,000 UK businesses are surveyed each quarter by telephone with careful vetting to ensure they are genuine decision makers.

Deep insights

Dozens of metrics covered in a 20-to-25-minute interview. Data can be used to set targets and monitor bank performance.

Detailed segmentation

UK representative sample with ability to reliably compare many sub-segments, such as turnover groups, which can be combined seamlessly to reflect subscriber segments.


The multi-client shared cost approach makes large sample sizes affordable, which allows different questions to be asked for different respondents, increasing the question bank overall and widening topic coverage.

Expert perspectives

Highly experienced analysts from our financial services team share their interpretation of the data.

Multiple uses

Data can be used externally in advertising, annual reports and government lobbying, as evidence to regulators, to assist investor relations and in pitch meetings with potential clients or partners.

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