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BrandVue Charities

Data at your fingertips

Boost brand health and donor advocacy with BrandVue Charities -providing data at your fingertips.

BrandVue Charities covers over 120 organisations across the charities category and captures and analyses the views and trends of 60,000 UK consumers each year.

Our approach

BrandVue Charities is the largest and most comprehensive brand, audience and supporter tracking and monitoring engine in the market and can help provide beneficial insight to not-for-profit organisations looking to understand their audience and prospective supporters.

The BrandVue Charities dashboard gives you key industry trend reports and offers clarity on exactly what drives non-profit organisation performance in the marketplace and how to improve it. It’s a cost-effective way to access enormous sample sizes for your brand and competitors from a sector specific survey.

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  • BrandVue Charities will help provide you with:

With 60,000 interviews every year, daily quotas are set to ensure nationally representative research samples, and provide an accurate, weekly representation of large and niche charity brands. Our online surveys are delivered using award-winning technology.

The 15-minute questionnaire is accessible to respondents on all digital devices and has a built-in facility to include ad-hoc trigger questions, helping to provide charity industry trend reports in record time. No more waiting for your next report or giant workbooks.

The BrandVue online dashboard compiles all survey data in real-time to deliver accurate, up-to-date information in an easy-to-use format.

The BrandVue dashboard can be customised to your needs, including key demographic group focus, non-competitor brand exclusion, peer spotlighting, and bespoke break inclusion.

BrandVue Charities benefits

Build market intelligence

Track and share your great work. Understand your sector, beyond your brand. Who’s in growth or decline? What are the key trends? Where are your opportunities and threats?

Improve audience understanding

Win more share of spend from your competitors. What makes your customers unique? Identify top line demographics, media consumption, content types, social media usage, hobbies and interests.

Improve brand performance

Prove business value to internal and external stakeholders. Plot where you and your competitors are positioned in the market. Measure brand perceptions, awareness, familiarity, advantage, and brand affinity.

Drive marketing performance

Track saliency measures in-line with activity. If and how is your brand being heard or seen? How are brand perceptions shifting? Demonstrate value of media spend by tracking positive (and negative) buzz, advertising awareness, and spontaneous awareness.

Improve customer acquisition

Unearth what prospective customers want and where they’re shopping. Identify opportunities to drive efficiency in your customer journey through adoption funnel analysis, brand mapping and spontaneous awareness positioning.

Maximise customer retention

How often are your customers returning to you? And how can you get them to do it more often? We help you understand your brand perception and where you stand out by analysing your customer experience, customer satisfaction (online and in-store), net promoter score (NPS) and lapsed customers.

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BrandVue: data at your fingertips

A brand intelligence platform for strategy, marketing and insight teams.

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BrandVue Charities remains the leader in brand tracking within the charities sector and is an instrumental source of data to help us track our performance and the impact of our activities. The tool is incredibly intuitive to use, and doesn’t require much training to get the most out of it. BrandVue are always open to suggestions for improvements and continue to improve the tool and are always happy to provide support and training sessions.

The Children's Society Head of Supporter Insight

As a not for profit organisation, it’s absolutely vital we get the most out of our ads to maximise their impact, with the media budget available. We already had a strong ad, but what I found really useful about the approach was knowing which elements were working harder for us and why, and which parts less so – all of which helped inform what changes were required to really cut-through.

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