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Savanta reveals the Top 100 Most Loved Charity Brands 2021

Olly Wright EVP, Public 09/06/2021

Our latest report reveals the UK’s most loved charity brands.

The report includes performance rankings from across all major categories - animal welfare, healthcare, children & families, social justice, international aid, environmental protection, disability, armed forces, and mental health.

the more a charity is loved, the more support it receives...

The Top 100 Most Loved Charity Brands 2021 is a recognition and celebration of the most emotively connected brands within the UK’s third sector.

We know that people’s most deeply held relationships with charities are emotional by default. Whether based on a connection to a specific cause or driven by a desire to help others, relationships with charities are full of personal meaning.

However, the relationship between supporters and charities is like a bridge. It requires thoughtful design, sturdy construction and regular maintenance. The potential result is an emotional connection between a charity and its supporters that is highly personal, valued and can last for decades.

Within this report we reveal the most loved charity brands, and the leaders within nine categories: animal welfare, healthcare, children & family, social justice, international aid, environmental protection, disability, armed forces and mental health.

These rankings are based on 60,000 interviews collected over the past year, through Savanta’s market intelligence platform BrandVue Charities: the largest and most comprehensive brand, audience and supporter tracking engine in the market.

You can download the free report here

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