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Savanta Live

Anna Appleford Senior Vice President 19/03/2020

Our suite of online & mobile research tools

Technology is continually opening opportunities in the world of research, providing us with more ways to connect and communicate with participants than ever before.

In response, we’ve created Savanta Live: an approach developed by our team of experts, which outlines eight alternative online research methodologies. They not only provide effective alternatives to traditional face to face approaches, but possess unique benefits all of their own.

Immerse yourself in the world of your brand...

In developing these approaches, we hope to offer a more accessible, convenient and comprehensive way to gather and analyse intelligence. As well as allowing greater global reach and a real-time overview of results, the methodologies also have their own unique benefits.

We’ve provided an overview of the methodologies below and outlined how your business can benefit from them, while keeping your finger firmly on the pulse – something which is especially important during uncertain times.

So, without further introduction, here are our eight key ‘live’ methodologies…

  • Live Chat: in-depth online interviews conducted via a live chat platform providing greater convenience than F2F interviews. Benefits are: they provide a global reach, without travel and possessing a greater opportunity for customers to open-up.
  • Online groups: discussion groups of 4 – 6 people led by expert researchers. They follow the same structure as traditional groups, but in a virtual forum. They have many of the same benefits of Live Chat, with no travel requirement, geographical spread and an ability to run at times that are convenient for your audience.
  • Online communities: an integrated desk-top and mobile forum that brings to life consumer attitudes, behaviours, lifestyles, and brand relationships over time, and in real-time. Benefits include large, creatively enriched, information streams with an ability to size insights over time.
  • Lifelogging: 1-2 week digital diary exercises that uses conventional instant messaging technology, and consists of pre-recruited segments of friendship groups. Benefits are: these are less cumbersome than specialist research apps and provide an agile and flexible approach that can be adapted in real-time.

  • Web-alongs: 45-minute online accompanied shops conducted remotely using a participant’s own computer and specialist software. They let us see real customers on real missions, delivering in-the-moment feedback on user experience. Benefits are: they are easy and quick to set up, plan and run, multi-market projects can run simultaneously.
  • Cultural Insight hubs: Using the mobile app to stream live semiotics and insights from a range of leading-edge consumers and cultural commentators. Benefits include: being able to immerse yourself in the world of your brand – locally and globally – and identifying key drivers and barriers across market.
  • Stakeholder Connects: Long-term connect programmes that enable direct access between experts (influencers, opinion leaders, cultural analysts) and clients. Benefits include: directly engaging with experts globally, and flexibility in terms of doing it how and when you want.
  • Concept testing: Enables brands to test and refine concepts in multiple markets simultaneously. This can include brand positionings, creative ideas, MVPs or physical prototypes. It can result in stronger ideas faster, and its mix of tech functionality leads to greater test accuracy, and more credible results.

If you want to learn more about any of these methods, you can download a full overview here, or get in contact with us via our online form.

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