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Just two in five (40%) say they are currently self-isolating

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Julian Dailly EVP 08/04/2020

Coronavirus daily tracker: 8th April 2020

Just two in five (40%) UK adults say they are self-isolating – this is the lowest figure we’ve recorded since 24th March, and down 11 points from the highest recorded figure (51%) on 30th March.

Approval ratings remain high for the NHS (84%), with the figure only dropping below 80% once since 22nd March.

Likewise, half (50%) say that they left the house yesterday, perhaps indicating a degree of isolation fatigue setting in as Brits enter the third week of ‘lockdown’.

Despite this, three in five UK adults (59%) who normally work at a different location are now saying that they are working from home. This the highest figure to date and comes alongside the joint-lowest number (22%) who say that their work requires them to attend their regular place of employment.

Levels of worry remain stable with two in five (19%) reporting that they are the most worried they’ve ever been. The number of people who have been saying this has been hovering at around 20% for the past two weeks.

Likewise, a third report being very worried (35%), up 8 points since we began tracking on 18th March, but this figure has also remained relatively stable in the last two weeks.

While levels of worry are consistent across different regions of the UK, women are significantly more likely than men to say that they are the most worried they have ever been (24% vs 14%).

Approval ratings remain high for the NHS (84%), with the figure only dropping below 80% once since 22nd March. There has been a slight increase in approval for both Public Health England (60%) and the UK Government (54%), both up two points on yesterday.

Boris Johnson’s recent hospitalisation due to lingering Covid-19 symptoms seems to have boosted his approval rating with UK adults which now sits on 45%, up 13pts from Sunday (32%).

Approval ratings remain high for Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty (60%), Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance (51%), and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak (50%), who seem to be thriving in their recent emergence from relative obscurity.

Chris Whitty’s approval rating is particularly high (73%) with those aged 55+, significantly more than 16-34 year olds who say the same (50%).

We will be updating our coronavirus tracker daily and weekly as this unprecedented pandemic unfolds. The full data set can be downloaded here. Please get in touch for more information.

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