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How are we feeling one month into lockdown?

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Julian Dailly EVP 24/04/2020

Coronavirus daily tracker: April 24th 2020

It’s been one month and one day since Boris Johnson announced the UK was going into lockdown

People are consistently impressed with how the NHS and supermarkets are handling the crisis.

As of Thursday 23rd April, 83% of people aged 16+ say they have no symptoms of coronavirus and never have, while 11% either know they have the disease having tested positive or believe they have it based on their symptoms but have not been tested. One month ago, on 23rd March, these figures were 87% and 9% respectively.

Overall, worry levels have decreased over the past month: 17% are the most worried they have ever been with a further 31% saying they are greatly worried. On 23rd March, this combined figure was 56%. A quarter of us (25%) have low or limited worry which is the highest figure we’ve seen since before the lockdown.

While the level of people following government advice has been fairly consistent, yesterday was our lowest figure for a while with just 78% saying they are mostly or entirely sticking to the rules. Since lockdown began this figure has consistently been above 80%. What’s more, nearly one in ten (9%) say they are either not following government guidance at all or are mostly not following it.

Physical health in general continues to improve with a net figure of (+5%) while mental health remains consistently low on -17%. Self-isolation has also reduced to 38% from a high of 51% on 30th March. We’re also consistently keeping up with news (86%) and watching the daily government briefing (62% live and catch-up combined), with 40% of us making video calls and a third (33%) buying items online.

Do we think the government and other organisations are doing a good job?

As noted in more detail at the beginning of the week, approval ratings for government figures as well as other public figures has been steadily declining over the last few days. Boris Johnson’s approval rating now stands at 24% (those who strongly approve). See full figures here.

However, people are consistently impressed with how the NHS and supermarkets in particular are handling the crisis with approval ratings of 79% and 69% respectively.

We will be updating our coronavirus tracker daily and weekly as this unprecedented pandemic unfolds. Please get in touch for more information

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