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Every business needs growth, but what does growth look like now?

Vin DeRobertis Americas CEO 15/11/2021

The global pandemic and a social movement stemming from the tragic death of George Floyd caused many businesses in the research space to stop, rethink, and change their strategies. And Savanta was no different.

It became apparent that change was to be made across all areas of our business.

It became apparent that change was to be made across all areas of our business. Our customer acquisition strategy had to change, our team workflow had to change, our corporate communication had to change, our personal livelihood had to change, and all of it had to be done while reimagining our business.

Doing this was no easy feat. A key focus of our work in the last 18 months has been to track sentiment, particularly around the unforeseen challenges that clients face during this unparalleled time. And with the world changing around us, we saw something of significance coming from the research we created and the work we were doing to make sense of the world we now live in.

Savanta in partnership with parent company Next15, surveyed business leaders around the world to explore what growth truly means to them in a post-pandemic world, gathering insights as to what became most important for employees as the business landscape changed around them.

Growth is a key factor across ours and any organization. We have an unrelenting focus on delivering the highest quality data and insight to our clients. We prioritize investment in exceptional people, international reach, and our own technology platform, all with the aim of better meeting the needs of our clients to help them make better decisions.

Our acquisitions are now another contributing factor to our growth, with a new way of building working relationships and understanding our industry. Taking a step back and thinking about what clients would want, what we want for our business, and what we want for our employees, gave us time to reassess what kind of businesses we want to work with and what impact we wish to create amidst our industry across the globe.

With growth across our business and at a personal and professional level, post pandemic, we see a positive, and creative, new way forward.

To understand more about what growth looks like to business leaders around the world, download our Growth report here.

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