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Coronavirus data from the last day pre-lockdown

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Julian Dailly EVP 24/03/2020

Coronavirus daily tracker: 24th March 2020

As would be expected, the British public are becoming more and more anxious about COVID-19 - with up to 56% saying that they are at least greatly worried. This compares to 52% on Sunday and 43% on Saturday.

In terms of self-isolation, more than a third (36%) are now doing so, up from just 13% on Wednesday (18th).

Aside from health concerns, the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic is really starting to be felt. For the last two days’ worth of data we have seen more than a third of people (36%-37%) saying that their disposable income has decreased, up from 27% last Wednesday- less than one week ago.

Staying at home

Monday also saw the highest proportion of people saying that they are mostly or entirely following the government’s advice (74%), up from 71% on Sunday, 67% on Saturday and 58% last Wednesday.

In terms of self-isolation, more than a third (36%) are now doing so, up from just 13% on Wednesday (18th). What’s more, just over half (52%) of people told us that they left their house on Sunday, our lowest daily proportion yet. It remains to be seen to what extent this is down to the weekend, but after yesterday’s announcement that strict curbs on behaviour would be enforced, we can only expect these percentages to increase.

Only 29% of those who said that they left their house on Sunday say that they visited a supermarket, down from 40% the day before.

Trust in the government is increasing

Trust in politicians rose over the weekend, with 45% of people saying that they trusted politicians to give reliable information about COVID-19 yesterday, compared to 39% on Saturday.

Trust is also growing in ‘official government advice’ including from the CMO and CSA, up to 81% from 75% at various points last week.

The highs in those saying that they approve of how Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are handling the outbreak remained steady on Monday, following their healthy rise over the weekend. This is also the case for the NHS and UK government as institutions.

However, more than half of people (53%) still feel as though the government is not doing enough to support the self-employed.

We will be updating our coronavirus tracker daily and weekly as this unprecedented pandemic unfolds. Please get in touch for more information.

This data originally appeared in The Telegraph.

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