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Business banking during a global pandemic – How have banks performed?

Philippa Whitham Senior Director 16/12/2020

2020 has been an extremely unusual and challenging year for the business world, with shifting demands to manage as the COVID pandemic hit and the shockwaves were felt.

One of the most noticeable shifts during 2020 relates to lending, where the demand for borrowing has significantly increased.

Financial services, particularly banks, were considered essential, needing to remain open to service customers’ needs. But at the same time, the banks themselves needed to adapt – their technology, their processes, and their staff.

Our recent research through Savanta MarketVue explores the changing business customer needs and how the business world feels banks have responded and serviced them during this difficult time. Our free download focuses on a number of key areas including changes to:

  • Lending patterns
  • Borrowing levels
  • Service performance levels during COVID-19

Find out more about how business banking has changed during the pandemic. Download the full report here.

Savanta’s MarketVue: Business Banking

Based on a continuous survey of almost 15,000 financial decision makers in UK businesses and 10 years of historical data, MarketVue Business Banking is a highly reliable and detailed monitor of how banks are perceived by business customers.

It is designed as a complete market overview covering market share, trends, brand health and customer experience to inform business strategy and provide tactical feedback for action planning. Interviewing is conducted continuously among a UK representative sample from start-ups, SMEs up to major corporates throughout the year and data/insight is delivered to clients on a quarterly basis.

For more information about MarketVue Business Banking please get in touch with one of our business experts here.

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