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Are you on the right digital platform? A Northern Irish perspective

Helen Davey Director 15/02/2022

The digital revolution has forever changed the way that businesses attract and retain customers and social media is awash with campaigns aiming to capture the attention of fickle consumers, but can the same approach be taken for business customers?

Over half of NI businesses have used Facebook for business purposes in the last month.

To get a better understanding of digital platform usage for business purposes, Savanta asked nearly 300 businesses in Northern Ireland (NI) with a turnover of £0-1 billion: Which of the social media platforms have you used in the last month for any business-related purposes?

Our latest mini-report looks at digital platform usage amongst businesses by:

  • Business size
  • Owner age
  • Average number of platforms used
  • Business vs personal purposes

Download our free Northern Ireland report here and to see the GB report, please click here. For more information please get in touch.

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