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WSP Life in London 2017 Survey

A survey of adults living in London on behalf of WSP on life in the city.

Life in London in 2017 is positively perceived by the people who live there, but there are clear negative aspects to life in the capital.

Three in ten (31%) Londoners do not think that their work-life balance is right, one in four (25%) do not see any family members in an average week and Londoner’s average life satisfaction is below the UK average.

Affordability of life in London is a major concern for all Londoners – 82% say that the city is not affordable. Although home owners and social renters are just as likely as each other to say this, private renters (75%) are significantly more likely to say reducing housing costs is a priority for Sadiq Khan than those who own their own home or rent socially (either from the council or a housing association). This suggests that although housing plays a large part in perceptions of affordability of life in London (particularly in the private rented sector) affordability includes a wider set of issues and is a concern for all Londoners.

Date Published: 31/03/2017

Categories: GB | Public and communities | Social | UK

Client: WSP


ComRes interviewed 1,039 adults aged 18+ living in London online between 11th-17th January 2017. Data were weighted to be representative of all London adults aged 18+ by age, gender and region.

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