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The Sunday People Bedroom Tax Poll

ComRes interviewed British adults on behalf of The Sunday People

Date Published: 05 Apr 2013

Categories: Economy | Politics | Public and communities | UK


A new ComRes poll for The Sunday People shows British public opinion hardening against the ‘Bedroom Tax’ compared to a similar poll conducted in February this year. This is despite a significant majority of the British public agreeing that the welfare system in Britain is broken (66%) and that too many people were able to claim benefits under the last Labour Government that should not have been entitled to do so (72%).

Since being asked about the ‘Bedroom Tax’ in February, the British public are now more likely to say that:

 ·         The ‘Bedroom Tax’ should be abandoned entirely (51% agree now compared to 45% in April),

·         The ‘Bedroom Tax’ shows how out of touch the Government is with the lives of real people (55% agree now compared to 49% in February),

·         The Government should give more money to social housing providers to help those worse hit by the ‘Bedroom Tax’ (43% agree now compared to 35% in February).

 The British public are now less likely to say that:

 ·         It’s only fair that people who have spare bedrooms in council or housing association homes should receive less housing benefit (42% agree now compared to 46% in February).

 Furthermore, a clear majority of the British public remain convinced that no-one should lose housing benefit under the ‘Bedroom Tax’ unless they refuse to move into suitable smaller accommodation (62% agree now compared to 60% in February).

In addition, almost 9 out of 10 (87%) agree with a new statement tested that those in social housing who need a spare bedroom for sick or disabled family members should be exempt from the ‘Bedroom Tax’.


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