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The Sun EU Referendum Poll

Poll of general public and Sun readers about the EU referendum

  • Remain has a seven point lead over Leave: 45% say they would vote to stay if the referendum were tomorrow, compared to 38% who would vote to leave.
  • Half of Britons (49%) say that they know a fair amount about the issues around the UK’s membership of the EU, while three in ten (30%) say they don’t know very much, and 8% say they know nothing at all.
  • The economy is seen by half of the general public (47%) to be the most important factor in their decision in the referendum, while immigration is the second most important (24%).
  • Just one in five members of the general public (22%) agree that they are excited by the EU referendum, while 36% say they are bored by it. However, more than four in five agree that it is an important moment in the history of the UK (85%).
  • Britons are split about whether Britain’s national security would be better off if Britain left or remained in the EU (22% vs 28%). However, two in five say that it would make no difference (43%).
  • Despite the lead for Remain in the polls, as many voters say they dislike (26%) as like (24%) the EU. Just half of people saying they would vote to remain actually like the EU (49%).

Date Published: 18th April 2016

Categories: Elections | EU Referendum | GB | Politics | Public and communities | Voting Intention

Client: The Sun


ComRes interviewed 1,002 British adults by telephone between 8th and 10th April 2016. Data were weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+. Data were also weighted by past vote recall.

ComRes interviewed 500 British adults who read The Sun at least once a week. Data were weighted to be representative of all British readers of The Sun as defined in the National Readership Survey.

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