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Sunday Mirror Royal Wedding Poll

A public opinion poll on behalf of The Sunday Mirror.

Date Published: 22 Nov 2010

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The public are excited about the 2011 Royal Wedding and are pleased with William’s choice in Kate Middleton.  Broadly speaking, they predict a happier future for the couple, compared to the marriage of Charles and Diana, and think that the late Princess of Wales would have approved of Kate.

Women, older people and those in social groups AB and C1 tend to be the most favourable towards the Royal Wedding. 

Finally, while the public appear to be on the whole positive, they are unsure as to whether Charles should step aside and allow William to become King following the Queen’s death, with opinion being split here.

William has made a good choice of bride in Kate Middleton
Agree: 74%
Disagree: 2%
Don’t know: 25%

• Women are more positive than men, with 77% of women compared to 70% of men saying that they agree with this.
• People aged 65 or over stand out from the crowd, with 82% of all people aged 65 or over saying that they agree, in comparison to smaller percentages for other age groups.

The marriage will be happier and longer lasting than Diana’s was to Prince Charles
Agree: 63%
Disagree: 1%
Don’t know: 36%

• Again, women (68%) are more likely to agree than men (58%).
• There is a trend by social group.  61% of people in social group AB agree, compared to 68% in group DE.

I am pleased that there will be a royal wedding in 2011
Agree: 61%
Disagree: 15%
Don’t know: 25%

• Strikingly, women (70%) are a lot more likely to be pleased there is a royal wedding than men (51%).
• There is a trend by age – 54% of people aged 18-24 agree, compared to 68% of people aged 65 or over.

Princess Diana would have been please with William’s choice of bride
Agree: 76%
Disagree: 1%
Don’t know: 23%

• Again, it is women and those in older age groups who are most likely to agree.

Charles should step aside to allow William to become King after the Queen’s death
Agree: 42%
Disagree: 41%
Don’t know:18%

• There is a trend by social group - people in social groups AB (38%) and C1 (41%) are less likely to agree than people in groups C2 (42%) and DE (47%).

Kate Middleton is not grand enough to one day be Queen of England
Agree: 5%
Disagree: 80%
Don’t know: 15%

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