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Political Poll for The Independent on Sunday + Sunday Mirror

Voting intention + political attitudes poll for Independent on Sunday / Sunday Mirror published 19 December 2010.

Date Published: 18 Dec 2010

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All three party leaders have negative ratings in new Independent on Sunday/Sunday Mirror Poll

Voting intention

Lab 39% (-1)

Con 37% (+1)

LD 11% (-1)

Other 13% (+1)


Comparative figures from ComRes/Independent poll published 30 November.  Electoral Calculus predicts on these figures a Labour majority of 18


·         The Lib Dems are on the lowest ever vote share in a ComRes poll.

Ed Miliband is turning out to be a good leader of the Labour Party

Agree              17%

Disagree          33%

Don’t know       50%


Nick Clegg is turning out to be a good leader of the Liberal Democrats

Agree               26%

Disagree           49%

Don’t know        26%


David Cameron is turning out to be a good prime minister

Agree               38%

Disagree           40%

Don’t know        21%


Nick Clegg has the largest gap between those who agree and those who disagree (23% points), with Ed Miliband in second place (16% point gap between agree and disagree) and David Cameron doing relatively well with almost as many agreeing as disagreeing that he is turning out to be a good PM
·         However, the jury is still out for Ed Miliband and it is a problem for him that among people who express a view, he receives by far the lowest approval rating on this measure

Also unfortunate for Ed Miliband is that only 39% of Labour supporters think he is turning out to be a good leader and 51% decline to offer a view
·         Nick Clegg doesn’t escape censure either – 50% of 2010 Lib Dem voters disagree that he is turning out to be a good Lib Dem leader whereas only 33% think he is

·         David Cameron generally does better among his party’s voters and supporters, although among 2010 Lib Dem voters 46% think he is not turning out to be a good PM compared to only 32% who think he is.

Looking back in a few years’ time, Gordon Brown will be regarded as a good prime minister


Agree               22%

Disagree           58%

Don’t know        20%


·         Most people are not yet ready to come to terms with a positive retrospective opinion of Gordon Brown

·         Not even half of Labour voters – either current supporters or those who voted Labour in 2010 - agree

Violent demonstrations can be justified if politicians fail to keep their promises


Agree               20%

Disagree           70%

Don’t know        10%


There is a variance by age: fully 40% of 18-24 year-olds agree but only one in ten of those aged 55 and above
·         32% of Labour voters are sympathetic to using violence in this situation, which is much higher than for Tory voters (6%) or Lib Dems (14%)


Water cannons should be used against demonstrators if they are violent


Agree                64%

Disagree            22%

Don’t know        14%


·         The group most likely to disagree are, perhaps unsurprisingly, those who are most likely to get a soaking – 18 to 24 year-olds

·         By contrast, 77% of their grandparents’ generation think water cannon should be used

·         A majority of supporters of all mainstream parties agree that water cannon should be used – 51% of Labour supporters, 63% of Lib Dems and fully 85% of Tories.


ComRes interviewed 2,017 GB adults online on 15-16 December 2010

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