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Political Poll for The Independent

Political attitudes and voting intention conducted for The Independent

Date Published: 25 Sep 2011

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The Conservatives have moved ahead of Labour, according to a ComRes poll for The Independent which shows that only one in four voters regards Ed Miliband as a credible prime minister-in-waiting.

It is the first time ComRes has shown a Tory lead since October last year. The survey puts the Tories on 37 per cent (down one point since the most recent ComRes poll for The Independent on Sunday published eight days ago); Labour on 36 per cent (down two points); Liberal Democrats 12 per cent (up one point) and other parties 15 per cent (up two points). Such a result would leave Labour 12 seats short of an overall majority at a general election.
Asked whether they agreed with the statement that Mr Miliband is a credible PM-in-waiting, 24 per cent agreed and 57 per cent disagreed.
Only 27 per cent agreed that Ed Balls would make a better Chancellor than George Osborne, while 43 per cent disagreed.
Four in 10 people (40 per cent) said they would be more likely to support Labour if it said sorry for the mistakes it made in running the economy, but 52 per cent disagreed.
Meanwhile, 48 per cent believe trade unions enjoy too much influence over the Labour Party, but 37 per cent do not.
ComRes telephoned 1000 GB adults between  September 23-25, 2011.  Data were weighted by past vote recall.

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