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Political Poll for The Independent

Voting intention plus public attitudes towards super-injunctions published by The Independent 1 June 2011

Date Published: 31 May 2011

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LABOUR HAS lost its lead over the Tories for the first time in seven months, according to a ComRes poll for The Independent.

The poll finds that Labour support has dropped two points since the last ComRes survey to 37 per cent, putting the party level with the Tories, whose support has fallen by one point.

Liberal Democrat backing has recovered by one point to 12 per cent. Support for other parties, including the SNP, UKIP and Greens, is up by two points to 14 per cent.

ComRes also asked a series of questions over the super-injunction controversy:

“Judges have been too willing to grant injunctions to enable the rich and famous to protect their private lives.” 70 per cent agreed, 25 per cent disagreed.
“Celebrities and sports stars owe their lifestyle to their public profile so they should not complain about intrusion into their private lives.” 65 per cent agreed, 30 per cent disagreed.
“The Government should ensure greater regulation of the internet and social media like twitter to protect people’s rights to privacy.” 54 per cent agreed, 40 per cent disagreed.
“MPs and Peers who have used parliamentary privilege to reveal super-injunctions were right to do so.” 44 per cent agreed, 48 per cent disagreed

ComRes telephoned a random sample of 1001 adults across Great Britain on 27th – 29th May 2011.  Data were weighted to be representative of all adults and by past vote recall.

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