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PLMR Charities Fundraising Poll

Poll of 2,051 British adults how charities raise funds

  • Four out of five British adults agree that some professional charity fundraisers cross the line into unethical behaviour in their attempts to get donations (80%), while fewer than one in ten disagree (8%)
  • Four in five Britons say that they often donate clothes, books and other items they no longer need to charity shops (80%). 15% indicate that they do not do so.
  • A clear majority of British adults say that they ignore most charity fundraising letters and emails they receive (79%), while around one in seven in disagree that they do so (15%).
  • Three in four Britons say that they feel bombarded by charity fundraising appeals (74%), with one in five (20%) saying that they do not feel bombarded.
  • Around six in ten Britons say that they would try to avoid donating to charities who spend lots of money on fundraising (58%), while one in four disagree with this statement (25%).
  • Only one in four British adults say that they are happy to stop and talk to charity fundraisers in the street (26%), while two out of three disagree (67%).

Date Published: 19th October 2015

Categories: GB | Public and communities | Social | Third Sector

Client: PLMR (Political Lobbying and Media Relations)


ComRes interviewed 2,051 GB adults online between 14th and 15th October 2015. Data were weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+.

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