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Planet Earth Institute Rio+20 Survey

A survey of MPs on behalf of the Planet Earth Institute.

Date Published: 18 Jun 2012

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A new poll released today by the Planet Earth Institute, an international non-governmental organisation, in collaboration with ComRes, has revealed the expectations of UK MPs in the run up to the major United Nations Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, 20-22 June.
The poll reveals 75% of MPs believe that the key goal of the conference should be having all member nations agree on new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a much-touted potential replacement or successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which are currently due to expire in 2015.

More than two-thirds of MPs (69%) agree that the Rio+20 talks will be more effective if they focus on establishing ‘small and attainable goals’ rather than pursuing ‘ambitious global sustainability targets’, with Conservative MPs most in favour of this approach (90%). 76% of MPs also agreed that there needs to be better means of enforcing any policies developed and agreed upon at the conference.

Regarding the performance of the UK Government, 56% of MPs disagree that the Coalition is proving itself to be the ‘Greenest Government Ever’.  Only just over half of Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs believe the Government is fulfilling this pledge (52% & 61% respectively).  In addition, three in five MPs (58%) believe that Prime Minister David Cameron should attend the Rio+20 talks.  Currently, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is leading the UK delegation, with Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman also attending.

Methodology notes

- ComRes conducted a survey of 110 MPs between 22rd May and 18th June
- Results are weighted to be representative of the whole House
- ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules

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