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NUS Wales priorities for Welsh education policy survey

Survey of Welsh adults for the National Union of Students Wales on priorities for the Welsh Government with regard to the university and college education system

  • There is widespread public support for investment in students and education, with 70% of the Welsh public saying that reducing tuition fees should be an important Welsh Government priority.
  • Almost  two-thirds (63%) say the same about increased financial support for students’ living costs.
  • Three in five (59%) say that prioritising support for part-time education, adult learning, and supporting college education and prospective college students rather than full time university education should be an important Welsh Government priority.

Date Published: 27/11/2015

Categories: Education | GB | Public and communities

Client: National Union of Students Wales


ComRes interviewed 250 Welsh adults aged 18+ online between the 14th and 18th October 2015. Data were weighted to be representative of the Welsh public by age, gender and SEG.

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