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NGSA Grammar Schools Poll

Poll of 2,000 Britons on the subject of Grammar Schools for the NGSA

Half (51%) of British adults support allowing new grammar schools to open while just one in ten (10%) oppose it.

Similarly around half of Britons support the creation of new grammar schools in their local area (49%) and areas of England that do not currently have any Grammar Schools (54%).

While half (48%) of British adults think Grammar Schools are good for social mobility, giving the less privileged a chance to succeed, just one in five (18%) think they are bad for social mobility because they mainly help those who are privileged already.

Labour is seen the party most commonly seen to be responsible for banning the building of new Grammar Schools (38%), however, two in five (43%) say they don’t know.

Around half (52%) of Britons believe the ban on opening new Grammar Schools in areas that do not have any reduces the choice of schools for parents. Around two in three Conservatives (63%), Liberal Democrats (65%) and UKIP voters (62%) also believe this.

Ed Miliband is viewed as being the leader most likely to abolish the remaining 164 Grammar Schools if he was in power with 39% choosing the Labour leader, far ahead of the other leaders.

Twice as many British adults say they are more likely to support vote for a party that promises to bring back grammar schools than say they are less likely to do so (20% and 10% respectively). However, most (55%) say they would be no more or less likely.

Date Published: 27th April 2015

Categories: Education | Public and communities | UK

Client: National Grammar Schools Association


ComRes interviewed 2,048 GB adults online between 17th and 19th January 2015. Data were weighted to be demographically
representative of all GB adults.

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