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NATS Aviation Future Airspace Tracker 2019

A survey of over 2000 British adults to understand public perceptions of aviation, and the potential impact that airspace modernisation may have to the UK.

  • The majority of the British public (81%) hold a positive view of aviation. Aviation is seen as important by the public, both at an individual level and to the UK economy more broadly.
  • Two thirds of adults (67%) say that the pros of aviation outweigh the cons.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of flying is seen as the biggest benefit of modernising airspace.
  • Despite increased prioritisation of environmental concerns, most people remain unwilling to reduce the frequency that they fly, or to pay an environmental levy to offset their carbon footprint.

Date Published: 08/01/2020

Categories: GB | Infrastructure | Public and communities | Transport

Client: NATS


2,009 British Adults, weighted to be nationally representative. Savanta ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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