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MHP Communications – Party Conference Health Policies Poll

Survey of British adults on attitudes towards recently announced Labour Party policies on the NHS.

  • The majority (69-91%) of British adults support each of the policies tested which have recently been announced by the Labour Party regarding the NHS.
  • Removing prescription charges in England, as in Scotland and Wales, is the policy with the most opposition with one in five (21%) British adults saying they oppose this policy.
  • Opposition for removing prescription charges in England is significantly higher in England than in Scotland or Wales (22% vs. 13% and 10% respectively).
  • Three quarters (76%) of British adults support introducing stricter conditions that require Government to fund medicines research and development if it benefits the public.
  • This policy has cross party appeal with at least seven in ten British adults who say they would vote Conservative (70%), Labour (88%), Lib Dem (79%) or The Brexit Party (77%) if there was a General Election tomorrow saying they support it.

Date Published: 10/10/2019

Categories: GB | Health | Politics | Public and communities

Client: MHP Communications


ComRes interviewed 2,045 British adults online between the 25th and 26th September 2019. Data were weighted to be representative of GB adults by age, gender, region and socio-economic grade. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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