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Marie Curie – Professional bereavement amongst GPs

Survey of GPs on their experience of bereavement


  • 92% of GPs agree it is important for them to spend time caring for terminally ill or dying patients, and another 87% say that caring for terminally ill or dying patients is a rewarding part of their job.
  • However, more than four in five (85%) GPs say that they do not have as much time as they would like to care for terminally ill or dying patients because of their workload.
  • Three in five (62%) disagree that there are enough community resources to give families and carers of terminally ill or dying patients the emotional support that they need.
  • Seven in ten (71%) GPs agree that there should be more resources available to help GPs and practice staff with the grief of losing patients
  • Only 2% saying their practice holds formal support sessions on dealing with grief and loss.
  • Three in five (59%) say that their practice does not organise ways for the staff to share stories or get support for dealing with grief and loss.

Date Published: 18/02/2019

Categories: Health | Professionals | Social | UK

Client: Marie Curie


ComRes interviewed 1,005 GPs between 14th and 31st of January 2019. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GPs by former SHA region. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by it’s rules.

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