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LBC / ITV News London Mayoral Poll May 2016

London Mayoral Election voting intention poll

  • In the final ComRes poll for LBC and ITV London on the race to become Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan leads Zac Goldsmith by 45% to 36% on first preference votes (little change from the last poll which had Khan on 44% and Goldsmith on 37%).  After second preferences have been reallocated, it leaves Mr Khan with a 12 point lead: 56% to 44%.
  • However, if Boris Johnson were the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London in the upcoming election, this poll suggests he would lead Sadiq Khan 41% vs 39%.
  • While there remains little difference in the perception of Mr Goldsmith’s and Mr Khan’s characters, there has been a slight change in opinion since results seen in April. In particular, more Londoners now associate Mr Khan rather than Mr Goldsmith with being ‘passionate’ (45% vs 32%), and Mr Goldsmith rather than Mr Khan with being ‘boring’ (32% vs 20%).
  • Londoners are more likely to associate Mr Goldsmith with being ‘slippery’ (33%) rather than Sadiq Khan (28%).
  • Londoners are more likely to associate Sadiq Khan and Labour’s campaign with favourable attributes such as ‘positive’ (32% vs 23%) and inspiring (16% vs 9%), and Zac Goldsmith and the Conservatives’ campaign with negative attributes such as ‘dirty’ (19% vs 8%) and ‘racist’ (14% vs 8%).

 Tom Mludzinski, Director of Political Polling at ComRes said: “As we enter the final days of the campaign Sadiq Khan’s lead over Zac Goldsmith has continued to increase, now standing at 12 points in the final head to head between the top two candidates. As Londoners have got to know these two candidates more, Sadiq has benefited while Zac Goldsmith has struggled to overturn Labour’s advantage in the capital city.”


  First round Run-off
Conservative candidate, Zac Goldsmith 36% (-1) 44% (-1)
Labour candidate, Sadiq Khan 45% (+1) 56% (+1)
Liberal Democrat candidate, Caroline Pidgeon 6% (-1)  
UKIP candidate, Peter Whittle 4% (-1)  
Green Party candidate, Sian Berry 6% (+2)  
Respect candidate, George Galloway 1% (-1)  
A candidate for another party 2% (+1)  

Base: London adults likely to vote and expressing a voting intention (n=871). Changes since April.


Q: If Boris Johnson was the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London in this year’s election, would you vote for Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan the Labour candidate or another candidate?


Boris Johnson 41%
Sadiq Khan the Labour candidate 39%
Another Candidate 9%
Don’t know 11%

Base: London adults (n=1,034).

Q: For each of the following characteristics please select which you think apply to each of Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan. You can select the same characteristic for both or neither candidate.


  Zac Goldsmith Sadiq Khan Neither Don’t know
April May April May April May April May
Dangerous 11% 19% 15% 21% 49% 41% 26% 22%
Extreme 10% 13% 14% 20% 48% 46% 29% 22%
Trustworthy 27% 25% 30% 32% 21% 26% 28% 23%
Ineffective N/A 25% N/A 20% N/A 33% N/A 27%
Has a good personality 33% 31% 34% 35% 17% 23% 27% 20%
Passionate 31% 32% 39% 45% 18% 21% 27% 18%
Boring 22% 32% 20% 20% 36% 36% 29% 22%
Slippery N/A 33% N/A 28% N/A 24% N/A 22%

Base: London adults (n=1,034).

Q: In the past couple of weeks, how would you describe the election campaigns and what you have seen and heard from each of the following candidates and campaigns?

  Sadiq Khan and Labour Zac Goldsmith and the Conservatives
Boring 20% 21%
Dirty 8% 19%
Racist 8% 14%
Positive 32% 23%
Inspiring 16% 9%
Bold 14% 11%
None 14% 14%
Haven’t heard anything from them 18% 19%

Base: London adults (n=1,034).




Date Published: 4th May 2016

Categories: Elections | London Mayor | Politics | Voting Intention

Client: LBC / ITV News London


ComRes interviewed 1,034 adults living in London online from 28th April to 3rd May 2016. Data were weighted to be representative of all adults living in London aged 18+. Data were also weighted by past vote recall to the London result on the 2015 General Election. Voting intention figures are calculated using the ComRes Voter Turnout Model. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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