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ITV News – sexual harassment polling

Research for ITV News on sexual harassment.

Christmas Party


  • Around one in four people in employment say that the sexual harassment media stories will affect their Christmas party in some way
  • 31% say it will make them behave more cautiously around their colleagues (37% of men and 25% of women)
  • 26% say it makes them worried that their workplace might become less sociable (31% of men and 22% of women)
  • 24% say it makes them think that behaviour at this year’s party will be more subdued (28% men, 19% women)
  • One in five (20%) are worried that a colleague could misunderstand their behaviour at this year’s party (24% of men and 16% of women)
  • Seven percent say that their party has been shelved over sexual harassment concerns (9% men, 4% women)


Sexual harassment


  • 17% say they’ve experienced what they believe to be sexual harassment in the workplace or place of study – 9% of men and 25% of women
  • The older the person, the less likely they are to say they’ve experienced it – 22% of 18-24s but only 12% of 65+
  • Just 4% say they’ve reported sexual harassment to their boss or to someone in authority (we’re asking for a filter to exclude those who haven’t experienced it)
  • 26% overall, and 31% of women (20% of men) say that the news stories of harassment make them more likely to report it in future; just 3% say they’d be less likely


Impact of news stories on harassment and reporting


  • 32% of women expect less sexual harassment as a result of the news stories, 13% expect an increase
  • 66% of women expect more reporting of sexual harassment as a result of the stories, 5% a decrease


Impact on the workplace (only those in employment)


  • 26% overall, and 32% of men (20% of women) are minded to tone down jokes with colleagues as a result of the harassment stories
  • 34% overall, and 39% of men (28% of women) are minded to take more care over general conversation at work
  • 30% overall, and 34% of men and 26% of women, are minded to take more care when socialising with colleagues outside of the workplace/study
  • 25% overall, and 31% of men and 18% of women, are minded to avoid any kind of physical contact at work (eg hugs)


Date Published: 14th December 2017

Categories: GB | Public and communities | Social


ComRes surveyed a representative sample of 2,129 GB adults online between 6th and 7th December 2017. Data were weighted by age, gender, region and socio-economic grade to be representative of all adults in Great Britain aged 18+.  ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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