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ITV News Index – Labour Conference

Public poll for ITV News looking at trust in different political parties and party leader characteristics for ITV News.

Date Published: 23 Sep 2014




Following today’s suggestions that Ed Miliband forgot key sections of his Labour Party Conference speech, newly published ComRes polling for ITV News reveals that immigration and the deficit, the two most prominent areas omitted from the Labour leader’s speech, are the two issues on which his party is least trusted by voters.

Of the twelve issues tested, the party scores worst on controlling immigration – the issue which is consistently the first or second most powerful in determining how people say they will decide how to vote next May. Just 12% of Britons trust it most to do so, compared to 43% of voters who trust UKIP most (16% most trust the Conservatives).  Four percent trust most the Lib Dems.

On the issue Labour do second worse on, the deficit, the Conservatives have a large 25 point lead. 39% of British adults most trust the Conservatives to reduce the Government’s budget deficit, while only 14% most trust Labour.

However, on the NHS and the issue at the centre of Mr Miliband’s new offer, Labour does have a useful lead. The research, conducted over the weekend before the speech, shows 29% of Britons trust the Labour Party most to manage the NHS, with 20% most trusting the Conservatives.

The poll also shows that Ed Miliband is still struggling to carve out a positive image with the public, trailing David Cameron on being statesmanlike, competent, intelligent and able to get things done.