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ITV News Index – European Election Poll

ComRes interviewed 2,052 British adults online between 25th and 27th April 2014. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults aged 18+. Data were also weighted by past vote recall. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

Date Published: 29 Apr 2014

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The latest News Index poll conducted by ComRes for ITV News reveals that one third of the British public (32%) think UKIP is a racist party. This includes 52% of likely Labour voters at next month’s European Parliament elections. 

While a third of the British public (33%) think that UKIP is more honest than other parties, more people disagree (38%) with this. People who voted Conservative in 2010 are more likely to agree (44%) than disagree (34%) that UKIP is more honest than other political parties.

Brits are split about whether UKIP has sensible policies: 38% think not, but 34% think the party does. Half of 2010 Conservatives (48%) think that UKIP has sensible policies.

UKIP has opened up a clear lead in the run up to next month’s elections for the European Parliament. 38% of Britons certain to vote say that they would cast their ballot for the party, compared to 27% who would vote for Labour, 18% who would vote for the Conservatives and 8% who would vote Lib Dem. However, UKIP’s lead is considerably reduced when those who are likely to vote are also taken into consideration as well as just those certain to vote. This implies that next month’s results may well be influenced by the number of people who turn out on election day.


European Voting Intention (all certain to vote):

UKIP: 38% (+8)

Labour: 27% (-3)

Conservatives: 18% (-4)

Liberal Democrats: 8% (NC)

(Change since 2-3 April  2014 in brackets.)

When considering next year’s General Election, a quarter (23%) of likely UKIP voters at the European Parliamentary elections say that they are unlikely to vote for the party at the General Election. Just 55% say that they are very likely to vote for the party in 2015, compared to 90% of Labour voters and 88% of Conservative voters.


Tom Mludzinski, Head of Political Polling at ComRes said: “UKIP look set to pull off something spectacular at next month’s European Elections. However, their vote is soft; with a quarter of UKIP’s supporters for this election saying that they are unlikely to vote for them at the General Election next year Nigel Farage has a massive task competing on the Westminster stage.”

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