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ComRes interviewed British adults on behalf of ITV News

Date Published: 18 Jul 2013

Categories: Economy | Politics | Public and communities | UK


Fewer than one in four think Ed Miliband will be Prime Minister in 2015 


After a fortnight which included high-profile debates around Labour and Ed Miliband’s relations with the trade unions, Britons are saying they do not believe that the Labour leader will be the next Prime Minister. Fewer than one in four (22%) expect Ed Miliband to be the Prime Minister in 2015. Other findings include:

  • A majority of the British public (57%) do not see Ed Miliband as an election winner.
  • Twice as many (42%) agree that Labour would have a better chance in the next General Election without Ed Miliband as party leader as disagree (20%).
  • One-third (33%) say that they would prefer a Labour-Lib Dem coalition to a Conservative-Lib Dem coalition. More than two-fifths (43%) disagree.
  • Two in five (42%) agree that the Labour Party understands the concerns of ordinary people better than the Conservatives. However, this is down 5 points from last September and more than one in three (36%) disagree.
  • Almost half (46%) say that Labour cannot be trusted to run the economy – unchanged from last year.

There is however some cheer for Ed Miliband. The public are less likely to say that Labour would be more electable with David Miliband as its leader than they were last year. 31% agree – down 6 points from last September.


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