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ITV News Cuts Index + Libya Poll

ITV News Cuts Index plus Libya Poll published 22 March 2011

Date Published: 22 Mar 2011

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A ComRes/ ITV News poll shows that two thirds of the public feel the Government does not understand problems facing British families


As Chancellor George Osborne prepares to announce his budget this Wednesday, the latest Cuts Index conducted by ComRes and to be broadcast on ITV News at Ten, shows that two thirds of the public (64%) think the Coalition Government does not understand the problems faced by ordinary British families in the current economic climate. 24% think the Government has an understanding and 12% are unsure.


Only one in four people (26%) are optimistic that the Budget will succeed in accelerating economic growth, based on their experience of the coalition so far, 49% disagree.


71% of people agree this is not the right time for the Coalition Government to raise taxes, while just 14% disagree. 65% say scrapping the penny increase in fuel duty will not make a difference to household finances, while 22% agree it will.


Asked if the public trust Chancellor George Osborne to see the country through the current economic situation, 24% agree while just 15% agree they would trust Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls in comparison.


Finally, 50% of the public are now pessimistic about their personal financial situation, which is up 5 points since last month and the highest figure since the Cuts Index began in October.
Libya Poll Results:

More than half (53%) of people agree it would be unacceptable for British armed forces personnel to risk death or injury while trying to protect Libyan opposition forces against Gaddafi's regime. Only one in three (35%) agree it is right for the UK to take military action against Colonel Gaddafi's forces in Libya, while two thirds (65%) either disagree (43%) or don’t know (22%).


Nearly half (49%) agree that military action in Libya is an unnecessary risk for Britain to take, although around 1 in 3 people disagree (31%). Asked if they feel they have a good understanding of why the UK is planning military action in Libya, more than half (52%) agree.


Finally, opinions are split regarding the impact of the international action being taken on Libya on Prime Minister David Cameron's leadership. 1 in 3 people (34%) disagree this reflects well on his leadership, while 36% agree and 30% don’t know.


ComRes interviewed 2028 GB adults online between 18th and 20th March 2011. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults.

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