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ITV News Cuts Index

The latest Cuts Index poll for ITV News, published 7 July 2011.

Date Published: 06 Jul 2011

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ComRes/ ITV News Cuts Index finds concerns over double-dip recession at highest level since January
A ComRes/ ITV News poll has found the highest net support since January for the view that the UK ‘is on course for a double dip recession’.
On the day that the Bank of England confirmed that interest rates would be held at 0.5%, the Cuts Index paints a bleak picture of consumer confidence:

• Just 26% agree that ‘things in this country are generally heading in the right direction’; this is the lowest figure yet recorded.  53% disagree – a level equalled only once.

• At 61%, more people now believe that the Government ‘is cutting public spending too much and too quickly’ – a record high.

• Particularly worrying for the Government will be the finding that just 29%, the lowest figure yet, agree that ‘the way Government is going about cutting public spending is fair’.

“The UK is on course for another wave of recession”:

                        Agree              Disagree          Don’t know      Net
                        %                     %                     %                     %
October           38                    24                    38                    +14
November       42                    26                    33                    +16
December       42                    27                    31                    +15
January           52                    17                    31                    +35
February         53                    19                    28                    +34
March              48                    24                    28                    +24
April                 (Budget)
May                 40                    29                    31                    +11
June                44                    25                    31                    +19
July                 51                    19                    30                    +32

Methodology: ComRes interviewed 2003 GB adults online between 1st and 3rd July 2011.  Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults.  ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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