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IoS Poll

 Political poll conducted for the Independent on Sunday published on 14 December 2008.

Date Published: 13 Dec 2008

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Voting intention plus political attitudes
The latest ComRes/IoS poll shows the Conservative Party's lead decreasing from 11% to just 1% since the November IoS poll:
Con  37% (-6)
Lab  36% (+4)
Lib Dem  14% (+2)
Others  12% (-)
Other political questions:
Taxes would be lower if the Conservatives were in government:
 Agree               35%
Disagree           58%
The fall in the value of the pound shows that Gordon Brown’s economic plans probably won’t work:
 Agree               52%
Disagree           39%
The Conservative response to the economic crisis seems to me like a ‘do nothing’ strategy:
 Agree               45%
Disagree           45%
The Labour Government is planning to borrow too much:
 Agree               67%
Disagree           25%
ComRes telephoned 1003 GB adults on 10-11 December 2008.  Data were weighted by past vote recall.

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