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Independent Political Poll

A public opinion poll on behalf of The Independent.

Date Published: 01 Nov 2010

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Labour has moved ahead of the Conservatives following the Government’s announcement of deep spending cuts, according to the latest ComRes survey for The Independent.

It is the first time that ComRes has shown Labour in the lead since September 2007, when Gordon Brown was toying with the idea of calling a general election.

The poll puts Labour on 37 per cent, up three points since the most recent ComRes survey for The Independent on Sunday two weeks ago, just before the Chancellor George Osborne unveiled his spending cuts.   The Tories have dropped five points to 35 per cent, while the Liberal Democrats are on 16 per cent (up two points) and other parties on 12 per cent (no change).

The Tories are almost level with Labour among men, by 37 per cent to 36 per cent, but trail Labour by four points among women (38 to 34 per cent).

According to ComRes, only 60 per cent of those who voted Liberal Democrat in May would do so if another general election were held now, while 27 per cent of them say they would vote Labour.  In contrast, 95 per cent of people who voted Tory in May would do so again, as would 93 per cent of Labour voters.

ComRes telephoned a random sample of 1000 GB adults on October 29 and 30, 2010. Data were weighted to be representative of all adults and by past vote.

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