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Independent on Sunday Political Poll

Voting intention poll plus political attitudes conducted for the Independent on Sunday published 13 December 2009

Date Published: 12 Dec 2009

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ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday:
Con      41% (+4)
Lab      24% (-3)
LD        21% (+1)
Others   14% (-2) 
Incl        Green 5% (+1) 
             UKIP  4% (-2)

Changes since ComRes for The Independent 1 December.
Additional questions:
The fact that David Cameron went to Eton makes it harder for him to be a good prime minister for the whole country
Agree               20%
Disagree           70%      
Don’t know        9%
Ø      This question confirms the view that attacking David Cameron for his education is not a vote winner
Ø      Even among Labour’s core voters, in social group DE, only one in five agree
Ø      Two-thirds of Labour voters disagree with the statement (plus 72% of 2005 Labour voters), as do 64% of Lib Dems

From what I have heard, the Government’s plans for heavier taxes on people with high incomes are fair
Agree                66%
Disagree           28%
Don’t know        5%
Ø      The Government is right, in the eyes of most voters, to tax high earners more heavily
Ø      Unsurprisingly the highest proportion who agree are DEs (71%) although even 64% of ABs agree
Ø      There is also a correlation between age and agreement, with older voters the most likely to agree
Ø      Although Labour voters are the voter group most likely to agree, 61% of Tories do too
It is right for married couples to be given tax breaks that are not available to unmarried couples
Agree               46%      
Disagree           46%      
Don’t know        8%
Ø      Men 55% agree 39% disagree, women 39% agree and 52% disagree
Ø      Labour voters are least likely to agree (39%) and Tory voters most likely to (53%)
The Conservatives have the right ideas about how to get Britain out of recession
Agree                34%      (Feb 35%, April 38%, August 37%)
Disagree           46%      (Feb 45%, April 49%, August 48%)
Ø      The Tories haven’t moved beyond the margin of error throughout 2009
Ø      Men are more convinced of the Tories on this measure, by 38% to 31%
Ø      16% of Labour voters agree, and 13% of Tory voters disagree
Ø      22% of 2005 Labour voters agree
 Methodology note:
ComRes telephoned 1,001 GB adults on 9th and 10th December 2009.  Data were weighted by past vote recall.

ComRes interviewed 1001 GB adults between 9 and 10 December 2009.


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