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EU Referendum Campaign Budget Poll

A public opinion poll on behalf of the EU Referendum Campaign.

Date Published: 09 Nov 2010

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British Public think EU budget better spent in Britain
An Exclusive EU Referendum Campaign Poll, conducted by ComRes, reveals that...
74% of the British Public think the £48 million we send to the EU every day would be better spent in Britain to relieve the impact of the Government's cuts
68% of the British Public want Britain to demand an immediate reduction in our contribution to the EU Budget
These results are part of a poll which examines the British Public's views on the present financial commitment to Brussels. After the vicious Government spending cuts in Britain, 6 in 10 people do not believe it is right that Britain makes a financial contribution of £17 billion a year to be a member of the EU and less than a quarter of the British public think Britain gets good value for money from our EU membership.
James Pryor, Chief Executive EU Referendum Campaign, said: 'This poll confirms the ever-increasing disconnect between the political elite and the real people of Britain.'
Jon Gaunt, spokesman for the EU Referendum Campaign said: 'It's now crystal clear that the majority of British people want the £48 million we send every day to Brussels to be spent here in Britain on vital services. How will Britain feel when an EXTRA £450 million is sent to Brussels next year? Surely David Cameron cannot ignore the will of the British people... it's time he gave us our say on the EU.'
Andrew Hawkins, Chairman of ComRes comments: 'Whether you put the question in positive or negative terms, the public are deeply sceptical about Britain's contribution to the EU Budget.  The case for Britain contributing £48 million a day has simply not been made.'
ComRes interviewed 1000 GB adults by telephone between 5th and 7th November 2010. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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