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Daily Express Voting Intention and Brexit Poll 2018

A survey of 2035 GB adults on views on Brexit

  • Labour continue to lead the Conservatives (39% vs 37%) but with a reduced lead of two points (down two points) since the last Savanta ComRes VI poll for the Sunday Mirror/Sunday Express on 18h November.
  • Theresa May’s deal is the least popular option for solving the Brexit issue: two in five voters (42%) oppose implementing it while only one in four (26%) support it.   More voters support each of these alternatives – a ‘no deal’ or ‘clean break’ Brexit (34%), extending Brexit beyond 29th March (34%), holding a second referendum on whether to Remain or Leave (40%), asking the EU for another go at negotiating withdrawal terms if the House of Commons votes Theresa May’s deal down (45%) and not leaving the EU at all (44%).
  • The poll underlines how little has changed in public opinion since June 2016: while the poll was not intended to model how people would vote today in a referendum, more (45%) said the UK should NOT seek to remain a full member of the EU than said the UK SHOULD seek to stay a full EU member (44%).
  • The country remains opposed to a second referendum on EU membership: while four in ten (40%) said there should be a second referendum on whether to Remain or Leave, more than this (50%) said there should not.
  • The country is split down the middle over almost every aspect of Brexit, with one notable exception: two thirds of voters say that when Brexit is complete, “the UK should try to become the lowest tax, business-friendliest country in Europe, focused on building strong international trade links”. This is also the majority-held view across all age groups (18-34 56%, 35-54 60%, 55+ 77%) and political affiliations (including 54% of Labour voters).
  • However much Theresa May is criticised over has handling of Brexit, only one in five (21%) think Jeremy Corbyn would have negotiated a better Brexit deal with the EU.  Fewer than half of those who voted Labour in 2017 think Jeremy Corbyn would have negotiated a better deal (45%).
  • Six in ten voters expect the Conservatives to lose the next election if Theresa May leads the Party, in light of their handling of Brexit (60%).  This includes almost four in ten Conservative voters (36%).
  • Half the public expect the Conservatives to lose the next election whoever leads the party after their handling of Brexit (51%), although Conservative voters are moderately more upbeat than if Theresa May leads the party into the next election, with ‘only’ 26% who expect defeat.
  • Almost half say that both the Remain and Leave campaigns misled voters in 2016 (46%), compared to one third who disagree (33%).  However, voters are more suspicious that the Leave campaign misled voters than say the same of the Remain campaign: 31% say the Leave campaign misled voters but the Remain campaign did not, while only 16% say the Remain campaign misled voters but the Leave campaign did not.  Only 12% think that neither misled the public.

Date Published: 03/12/2018

Categories: GB | Politics | Voting Intention

Client: Daily Express


Savanta ComRes interviewed 2035 GB adults online between 30th November and 2nd December 2018. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults by age, gender, region and social grade. Voting intention questions were also weighted by past vote recall and likelihood to vote. Additional questions were weighted by 2016 EU Referendum results. Savanta ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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