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ComRes/Daily Express – Voting Intention

A survey of adults in 2,036 British adults on voting intention for the Daily Express

SavantaComRes/Express Voting Intention:

Con                  39% (-2)
Lab                   40% (-1)
LD                    9% (+2)
UKIP                 5% (+2)
SNP                  3%  (-)
Green               2% (-1)
Other               1% (-)

(nb adds up to 99% due to rounding)

(% in brackets relate to Savanta ComRes/We, the People poll on 19th May 2018)

  • After the close of Labour Party Conference, and as The Conservative Party Conference begins, Labour are marginally ahead of the Conservative (40% vs 39%) – almost unchanged since the last Savanta ComRes/Reputation Communications poll in May 2018 (41% vs 41%).
  • Women show equal support for Conservative and Labour (40%) while men are more likely to support Labour (35%) than Conservative (31%).
  • Labour retains a huge lead among younger people (they lead the Tories by 41% among 18-24s), while the Tories lead Labour by 42 points the 65+ age group.
  • Those from social grades ABC1 are more likely to support the Conservatives (AB: 43%, C1: 42%) and those from social grades C2DE are more likely to support Labour (C2: 46%; DE: 44%).

Date Published: 29/09/18

Categories: GB | Politics | Public and communities

Client: Daily Express


Savanta ComRes interviewed 2,036 British adults online between 26th and 27th September 2018. The data were weighted to be representative of all British adults and by past vote recall and likelihood to vote. Savanta ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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